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Bruceb Favorites

Bruceb Favorites - everyone's favorite home page

Understanding the Bruceb Favorites page

What is the Bruceb Favorites page?

The Bruceb Favorites page is a simple directory of obvious places. It has links to five hundred web sites and online services, organized in twenty-four categories. It’s designed to load fast, with a minimum of clutter and no advertisements.  There is simply no faster way to get a browsing session under way.

Bruceb Favorites works just as well on phones and tablets. Make it a favorite and you'll spend less time typing in URLs.

How can I use the Bruceb Favorites page?

Bruceb Favorites works best if you set it as your home page – the page that displays when you open your web browser. There are instructions below about how to set Bruceb Favorites (or any page) as your home page.

There is a Google search bar and Bing search bar on the left. Each one does a plain search with no filters or extra ads in the search results, exactly as if you had done the search on the Google or Bing home pages.

Clicking on the Google logo takes you to the main Google search page, in case that’s more comfortable. A search from the main Google page lets you see Google’s instant search results as you type.

What's on the Bruceb Favorites page?

Forty “top sites” are displayed when the Bruceb Favorites page is first opened. Now, I know you are unique. You’re a special little snowflake and no one is like you. I don’t mean to take away from your individuality when I tell you that about 96% of the time when you open a web browser, your plan is to start on one of those pages.

The other sites that come up in the different categories – Photos, Business, Travel, Movies, and the rest – are intended to be the most obvious choices, nothing more. I studied lists that rank websites by popularity to choose what’s displayed. The only regional section is Law, which has links to the Sonoma and Marin courts.

The page changes as web sites gain or lose popularity. There’s a changelog where I track the updates and changes.

If I’m missing something that you think deserves to be included, drop me a note. The page reflects my judgment about what will be of general interest so don’t be hurt if I don’t add your suggestion. Definitely let me know if a link has gone dead!

Are there any advertising links?

The links for Amazon, Dell and Lenovo are affiliate links. You’ll be taken to the same sites with the same prices. If you buy something, I’ll get a tiny payment at the end of the month. I don’t want you to feel any pressure. But it would be so simple for you to click on those links if you’re going to shop at Amazon or Dell or Lenovo and all of us at the global headquarters of Bruceb Consulting would be pathetically grateful.

There are no other ads or affiliate links. I want to keep it that way. I’ve been running the Bruceb Favorites page for 15 years. Other than the money, fame, and ego-boost, my only goal is to get you where you’re going – fast. Put it to good use!

How can I set Bruceb Favorites as my home page?

Internet Explorer

  • Browse to Bruceb Favorites
  • Right-click on the Home button on the toolbar in the upper right and click on Add or change home page.
  • Choose to make Bruceb Favorites your only home page or add Bruceb Favorites as an additional home page.
  • Click on the Yes button to accept the new settings.

Google Chrome

  • Click on the wrench in the upper right and click on Options.
  • On the Basics tab, under Home Page / Open this page, type
  • Click Close.